About Us

Safety is our focus and the most important piece of equipment that you will ever need in and around the water is a high-quality life jacket. At Life Jacket Solutions we have had over 20 years’ experience in the PFD/Life Jacket market, so we know safety is the utmost importance, but there is no need to sacrifice comfort.

In the range is basic Level 100 jackets, Neoprene and water sports jackets through to the latest in inflatable jackets. Gillies has you covered with jackets from boating, fishing, rock fishing, water sports, jet skiing, SUP and general pool activities.

In the range, we have all levels ranging from Level 50, Level 50S, Level 100, Level 150 & Level 275. All our level 100 jackets have roll over. This means when a wearer is face down in the water, the wearer will float back to a safe position within 10 seconds. Even the dogs have been looked after with 3 ranges of pet vests.  

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